Understanding what sexual harassment is and the forms it comes in is extremely important for anyone in the work field to be aware of.  There are many instances where a worker is placed in an uncomfortable situation where an unwanted behavior is exhibited by another. Knowing what sexual harassment is can help you to identify it, and if necessary, file a sexual harassment claim against the person who committed the act.


The fact is, many women and even men have been a victim of sexual misconduct but failed to take any sort of action. In a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan, 29% of women who were asked if they reported the act of sexual harassment said yes while 71% of the women did not. One reason why some individuals fail to report an incident is that they fear their employer might retaliate against them. If you are currently dealing with this, the Stuart, FL sexual harassment attorneys at The Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. are available to speak with you.


Understanding the types of sexual harassment


There are two types of sexual harassment that can occur in the workplace. Below we discuss what these two types are and how you might be able to identify each.


  1. Quid Pro Quo- When a harasser is in a position of authority and uses this to seek sexual favors, they are engaging in Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment. This could be a supervisor, President of a company, or anyone holding a managerial position. The individual may state they want a favor in exchange for something else or imply it. Some examples include:


  • A supervisor demands sexual favors in exchange for you to receive a promotion or even a raise.
  • A manager who fires a worker who decided to end a romantic relationship.
  • A supervisor who offers a job to a potential employee only if they provide them with a sexual favor.


  1. Hostile Environment- This occurs when a harasser displays hostile misconduct that interferes with an employee or co-worker’s ability to perform in the workplace setting. In order for the actions to be recognized as hostile environment sexual harassment, the misconduct must be severe or pervasive. The person engaging in this unwanted and illegal behavior may or may not be in a position of authority. A co-worker or even someone who is a non-employee of the agency can be held accountable if they commit sexual harassment.

[Florida Department of Management Services].


While there are two identifiable categories in which sexual harassment can fall into, the act can be displayed in various forms. From inappropriate and unwanted sexual comments to someone brushing against you and touching you inappropriately, both are considered sexual harassment and feasible reasons to file a claim against the party who engaged in the act.


If you or someone who works with you has been sexually harassed or feels your employer’s actions might fit the description of sexual misconduct, the Stuart, FL sexual harassment lawyers at The Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. want to help you. Identifying a perpetrator is different from proving that they actually committed the act. In order to ensure that an employer or co-worker is held accountable for the sexual harassment they may have inflicted upon you, you will need a reputable and dedicated attorney to help with your case.


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