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Florida has strict employment and labor laws that protect a worker from being subjected to a hostile or discriminatory work environment. Unfortunately, there are times when employees become the targets of discrimination or sexual harassment by a co-worker or employer. The Florida Civil Rights Act and the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced to protect employees from being subjected to unfair treatment or violence and keep the workplace safe, but to this day, incidents involving unwanted touching, lewd conversation, retaliation, and even physical violence are common.

If you feel that you or a co-worker have become the victims of sexual harassment at your place of employment, the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address are here to protect your rights. Anyone who believes they have been targeted by a sexual perpetrator at work or who feels they have been discriminated against has the right to file a case with a sexual harassment lawyer or discrimination attorney. Stuart  Address has been representing the rights of workers for almost 30 years and will help you bring a complaint against your company and those who have created a hostile work environment. 

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment and What Should Victims Do?

Sexual harassment is a form of workplace discrimination and can include a wide range of verbal, physical or non-verbal conduct and behavior, from a general lewd joke that a co-worker might find offensive, to unwanted touching, and even rape. In order for someone’s action to be considered harassing, the victim must inform the perpetrator that their behavior is unwelcome and should cease immediately. If the offender does not stop their offensive behavior, the victim has a right to turn to their supervisor and report the incident right away.

Unfortunately, there are times when the supervisor does nothing about the situation or even retaliates against the victim for filing a complaint. At this point, the victim should seek legal help with a discrimination attorney in order to protect their rights.

Stuart Address, representing employees in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, FL, and on the Treasure Coast, cares about your rights and understands how unwanted sexual conduct can quickly create a hostile work environment. Anyone can be a victim, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, and conversely, anyone can be an offender as well. Victims may not have to be directly involved in the actions or comments in order for them to feel offended and file a sexual harassment complaint.

Turn to the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address today for assistance in filing a case over any of the following types of sexual harassment situations:

  • General offensive joke or comment
  • Specific lewd joke or comment about a worker’s body, clothing, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Quid pro quo (this for that) requests for sexual favors in exchange for benefits, including a promotion or raise
  • Sexual text messages or harassing phone calls
  • Emails or notes containing sexually offensive commentary or pictures
  • Inappropriate and unwelcome touching (i.e. hugging, kissing, groping)
  • Stalking
  • Blocking someone’s path
  • Indecent gestures
  • Rape or attempt at rape
  • Employer/Employee Retaliation

How Sexual Harassment Affects the Workplace

Anytime someone is subjected to sexual harassment at work, their entire lives become affected. Not only will the victim’s work performance suffer, but they will also feel negative effects in their personal life. Some offenders threaten their victims verbally and even stalk them at their place of residence, creating a constant cycle of fear and aggression. Many perpetrators even threaten to harm the victim if they come forward and complain about the incident, leaving many workers to suffer in silence as they are subjected to discrimination and/or violent actions.

Because sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment for the victim, incidents can lead a worker to feel embarrassed, isolated, and afraid. It’s important for all employees in Port St. Lucie,  Stuart, FL, and on the Treasure Coast, to know that Florida and federal law protects any and all individuals who have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances or discrimination at the workplace, especially those who have suffered employer retaliation as a result and have lost their jobs or have had their positions affected in any way. Whether an employer addresses the situation or not, victims can turn to an experienced discrimination attorney and sexual harassment lawyer to file a case and ensure their right to a safe working environment is fully upheld.

Rid Your Workplace of Hostility and Discrimination Today

Our firm is committed to filing a case on your behalf and brining perpetrators to justice. If an employer or employee retaliated against you after filing a complaint or addressing a discrimination issue, you can trust our attorneys to help you obtain compensation . Don’t allow the unwanted sexual or discriminatory conduct to continue. Let the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. protect your right to a safe, hostility-free working environment right now. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss the best approach for your case.

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