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If so, then we have the solution to your legal needs. The Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. seeks to protect you whether you are an individual or a business by providing legal representation, drafting contracts, and litigating almost any civil or business legal situation.

Having a competent legal representative on your side can mean the difference between forsaking your rightful benefits and walking away from your case with the relief you deserve in compensation, damages, and otherwise. Having competent legal representation on your side may make the difference in a contract being enforceable or unenforceable, or in entering into a contract which increases or decreases the risk of eventual disputes and litigation.

Stuart M. Address understands that no two legal cases are the same and treats each case with the individual attention it deserves. With more than 25 years of experience providing personalized legal services and litigation in various areas of business and civil law, Stuart M. Address dedicates himself to your case, to keeping you informed, to providing you with copies of all documents relevant to your legal matter, and in responding promptly to all of your inquires, whether by telephone or e-mail. Stuart M. Address seeks to keep you involved in your own case or legal matter and will not rest until the best possible outcome is attained.

Stuart M. Address is well-versed in most aspects of civil and business law. When you turn to the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A., you can rest assured that all of your legal matters will be handled swiftly by an aggressive but caring experienced professional. Regardless of what your case entails, Stuart M. Address will represent you with tenacity and dedication with the goal of assuring that you obtain the full spectrum of benefits and relied which you deserve.

The Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. offers a broad array of legal services in an effort to provide you with the best legal protection and representation.

General Litigation Trial Practice:

Agreements and Litigation:

  • Contracts/Leases
  • Employment
  • Non-Compete
  • Trade Secrets

Stuart M. Address prides himself on representing your individual legal interests with passion and devotion. He aims to provide you with the quality legal counsel and support you deserve throughout your proceedings, always making himself available to promptly answer all your questions. When being represented by an attorney, you should not have to wait to hear from your attorney or to receive a response to any inquiries you may have about your legal matter.

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