Welcome to the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, PA., your home for the legal protection you need.

Since 1985, Stuart M. Address has been working to provide the best in legal litigation, practice and service. Focusing in several areas of civil and business law makes the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, PA a broad-based law office able to provide a variety of legal services within the state of Florida.

  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • General Trial Practice
  • Collections
  • Divorce and Family Law

Stuart Address represents both individuals and small businesses. Mr. Address’ primary goal is to provide competent representation combined with aggressive advocacy and a compassionate commitment to his clients. Mr. Address often becomes emotionally vested in his clients’ legal matters rather than remaining as a detached “mouthpiece”. Indeed, Mr. Address is proud of the fact that he accepts legal matters in which he sincerely believes in his clients’ causes. Mr. Address believes that such a commitment provides for better representation through an increased dedication to the matters which he chooses to bring into the law firm. Mr. Address’ emotional identification with his clients’ situations is tempered by his recognition that it is his role to remain professional so that the best advice is offered to his clients at all stages of representation in Port Saint Lucie.

Mr. Address also believes that he serves two roles with each client; that of an attorney-at-law and of a counselor-at-law. To Mr. Address, this distinction is of a critical and fundamental importance. As a Port Saint Lucie attorney-at-law, Mr. Address’ role and duty is to provide the best in legal advice and options to his clients. As a counselor-at-law, Mr. Address’ obligation is to temper the legal advice provided to his clients with a discussion of the practical real world realities of each situation which may either be appropriate for a client to decide to further pursue litigation, find an alternative to litigation, or, sometimes, even refrain from litigation. In the end, though, Mr. Address recognizes that it is each client’s responsibility and their right to make the ultimate decision as to how they want to proceed. Mr. Address’ responsibility and duty is to then implement each client’s decisions to the best of his ability, zealously representing their interests with passion.

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